Small Business Contingency Plans We outlining the most common steps in contingency planning and disaster recovery, as well as identifying popular tools and solutions.

Offsite Data Storage  Looking to keep your data safe and available? From 100 GB to 20,000 GB, Clearview Computers has many cost-effective solutions for remote data replication, backup/restore management and media storage to keep you data safe and secure.

Small Business Consulting Assistance on hardware and software solutions for your small business. Price discounts for company that are affiliates

PC Repair  Free diagnosis when you drop your PC off. Virus and spyware removal charged hourly

Computer Building  You tell us what you are looking to use the pc for and we will provide you with a free quote. (Includes labor costs)

Hardware/Software Upgrades  Most PCs just need a few components to bring it up to speed for what you are looking to do. Let use quote the hardware and/or software for free. Hardware upgrades may include memory and hard drive size. Software upgrades may includes operating systems and document creation suites

Web Site Consulting  Domain name registration, locating a website host company, and assistance on creation of website

Home Network Installation Installation of hardware/software for your small home networks. Recommends of network applications for full

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